Rasta Pasta
Tostones Topped With
Callaloo & Avocado
West Indian Style Roti
With Chickpeas
Braised Oxtail
With Rice & Beans
Bammy and
Fried Snapper Bites
Ackee With Cod Fish
& Fried Dumplings
Jerk Chicken
Curry Chicken
Carrot Cake
Bread Pudding With Rum Sauce
Rum Cake
Key Lime Pie
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The Chef

Sharon Kedar Mc Calla Bedasee a.k.a Shari Kedar was born in Kingston Jamaica. She migrated to the United States as a teenage and lived in Miami Florida for several years, where she met her husband. Shari earned a master’s degree in Business Administration to full-fill her long-term goal to establish her own business.

She worked for the Federal government, Homeland Security for over 16 years as a project manager and grants manager. Shari started her first restaurant in 2006, in Orlando Florida with her husband. Then closed that location and relocated to West Palm Beach Florida.

She survived cancer twice, during her recovery from lung cancer Shari, realize that she has artistic talent. She started to develop her talent for arts and still working diligently to perfect her talent. Cooking is one of her artistic passion. She can take a simple potato and turn it into a gourmet meal that will dazzle you just by adding a little coconut. Well, with Caribbean cuisine coconut is in almost everything so no surprise there. 

In 2019, Shari decided to pursue reopening a Caribbean restaurant on her own as a solopreneur. Her plans were to use this business as a platform to share her Caribbean culture, food, music, and art with others. She created a unique cuisine fusion with other Caribbean Islands, Indian, and African cuisines, her food is uniquely flavored with lots of herbs and spices and even some of her own creation with spices. She traveled to several international countries including, Bahrain, Dubai, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, London, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, and throughout the United States. Her experience from traveling helps to shape the design of her menu, restaurant decor and the presentation of her food.

Shari will be the first to tell you that the restaurant business is very challenging but she is one that never shy away from a challenge and she understands the process of business development and that it is not an over night success. It takes hard work, dedication, perseverance and passion. She is looking forward to seeing the success from her hard work and determination soon, and she is very proud to be the owner of the only full service authentic Jamaican restaurant located downtown West Palm Beach.